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Bocroom was born out of a desire to express creativity while making the world a better and more beautiful place in which to live. It has been an exploration of instinct and artistic passion combined with a singular vision to bring positivity to the planet. Bocroom works to design homes that are the most intimate reflection of their owners by helping people express themselves without concern for market trends.

With a purpose that goes far beyond profit, the Bocroom team is constantly striving to influence change. To that end, Bocroom supports and partners with a carefully curated list of local artists working with environmentally friendly materials rather than simply choosing from the offerings of the same-old-same-old, mass-market, cookie-cutter companies. Through these partnerships, Bocroom is able to ensure that each client’s home will be filled with handmade pieces that work together to tell a story that is as unique as the residents within.

The Bocroom Team

Brittany Crooms

Owner, Founder

Building on a passion for interior design combined with a strong desire to express herself creatively, Brittany started Bocroom Designs in 2014 after a long and successful career in jewelry sales and design.

A graduate of UGA as well as a self-taught designer with natural instincts, Brittany puts her heart and soul into running Bocroom every day. She believes that home design should be an intimate reflection of an individual’s inner self and not simply a copy of the latest trends.

Brittany is thoroughly dedicated and entirely hands on with her business, working side by side with those who share her interest in the handmade, the eclectic, and the eco-friendly. Never a follower of trends, Brittany uses her unique talents to help her clients to tell their individual and personal stories through the design in their homes. She works closely with a wide range of environmentally friendly artisans who create handmade pieces that bring someone’s design visions to life while also supporting a healthy home—and planet.

Outside of Bocroom, Brittany enjoys yoga and meditation, traveling, listening to live music, and spending quality time with her husband and three children.

Daniel Gillespie


In June 2016, Daniel joined Bocroom as a designer. Through his job, he develops personal relationships with each of his clients as he works with them to realize their vision for their home.

Daniel holds a degree from Southern Union (SUSCC) in Alabama and began his career in real estate. After working for several years in the field, first with a large real estate firm and then with a smaller company alongside a developer, he found himself drawn to more creative pursuits. He eventually founded his own interior design business, Daniel Gillespie Designs, before becoming part of the Bocroom team.

Helping his clients feel satisfied and happy is Daniel’s top priority. His favorite part of working at Bocroom is meeting up with people and getting a feel for their goals before he begins researching and planning out how to make their ideas into reality.

Away from Bocroom, Daniel can often be found at the beach, relaxing and enjoying outdoor activities with his family and friends.

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